• Christy Frazer

To cube or not to cube? And other packing essentials.

I started using cubes to pack many years ago. Mostly because, I’m the person that 12 out of 12 flights gets the TSA notice in my bag. (TSA has opened your bag and has gone through it.) And, being the southern belle I am, I hate having my undergarments slung everywhere. 

I’ve told many people about packing cubes. Since I started using them, my bags rarely get searched anymore. However, I do feel I’m not able to pack as much as I could previously.

Today, I did a little experiment. I unpacked the cubes and discovered my theory was right. It seems I do have a lot more room in my suitcase without the cubes. However, I’m still that southern gal, so I used a cube for my undergarments. Which led me to another discovery. I get a smaller footprint and can fit more in the “soft sided” cube than the structured one. 

Rolling the clothing and putting it in the suitcase without the cubes gave me more room. There are a couple essentials I won’t give up. Shoe bags. It grosses me out when people pack shoes and clothes together. I have made some shoe bags for my husband’s large shoes or my boots, but my favorite are some I found many years ago from Bed Bath and Beyond. They have a clear plastic window so you can see exactly what shoes are packed. 

Lastly, this southern belle really likes a glass of wine when she lands. Often, I travel to a dry county, (for those of you that don’t live in the south, that is a county that does not sell alcohol) yes, they still exist! So, an essential travel accessory is a Wine Skin. These are plastic sleeves made of bubble wrap that fit over wine bottles. They have two plastic seals, just in case the bag is mishandled. 

Discarding most of the cubes allowed me to use the lid of the suitcase for ancillary things like, mittens, a small purse, and paperwork. The items I had previously packed there, now fit in the main suitcase. A pair of jeans, a pair of climbing pants, a compartment housing electronic cords, a blouse I packed at the last minute…

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