• Christy Frazer

So Many Shoes and Nowhere to Put Them!

Recently I was asked, how can I make the entry of my “no shoes” home look appealing? 

There are many people who have a “no shoes policy” in their home. Meaning, if you go to visit, you will be kindly asked to remove your shoes at the door. Recently I was asked by one of these people, “How can I make the entryway of my home look appealing when this is always going to be the main shoe storage area?”

So many shoes...let's organize them!

The person I was chatting with lives in an urban environment. She has the top floor of a house and her neighbor has the bottom floor. The HOAs for the house stipulate a “no shoes” policy. 

She isn’t the only client I have wanting solutions for this situation, many homes in the Bay Area are “no shoes” homes. It’s very easy for one’s entryway to look like a lost and found at DSW. If you don’t have a near by coat closet, I suggest looking for a nice piece of furniture to disguise the shoes. 

Here is one I found on the Wayfair site. I especially like this one because it doesn’t break the bank and it has ventilation.

12-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet from Wayfair

This one may be a bit larger than you can spare in a San Francisco condo, but there are other options. This one from Home Depot is better for a more compact space and has a drawer for storing keys and items needed as you leave the house. 

Calvin Wood Shoe Storage Cabinet in Dark Brown Espresso

This one isn’t as visually appealing, but does serve a great purpose at a very reasonable price. 

1-Pair Shir Dark Brown Wood Storage Shoe Organizer

If you want to stay away from furniture specifically made for shoes, I’ve purchased this little show bin to keep my work shoes in. (Good for smaller feet, size 9 and below).

White 3-Section Shoe Bin

This little bin allows me to take my shoes off right as I come in from my back door and store them in the coat closet, and is small enough for me to leave by the steps in the garage. 

When it comes to shoe storage you can get as simple or elaborate as you want. Here is a piece designed to look like an expensive antique. 

Oriental Furniture Gold Leaf Lacquer Shoe Cabinet

But, one of my favorite shoes storage areas has been a shelf/cabinet  in a garage. The client wore a size 14 shoe and his shoes won’t just fit anywhere. So, we put all his boots, and special activity shoes on a garage storage shelf. It was perfect because we fit several pairs on one shelf and there were doors to keep them dust free. 

If the shoe fits, store it! And decorate your surroundings as you choose. Don’t let items dictate the space, let the space work for you. 



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