A professional organizer will partner with you to make decisions on the best use of your space.



I can help you...

Maximize your space

  • maximize your closet space
  • declutter your room
  • make your bedroom relaxing
  • make your garage usable
  • organize your photo albums, memorabilia, collections
  • shop for appropriate storage solutions

Look toward the future

  • visualize a new floor plan for your space
  • form new habits to prevent future clutter 
  • plan meals to eat healthier and affordably

Make transitions in life

  • prepare the home for parenthood, surgery, moving
  • throw an event/party
  • decorate your home seasonally
  • gather appropriate tax paperwork

“Thank you so much to Christy at Create Your Spaces for helping me coordinate my move and overseeing my packing yesterday. Christy commented on the fact that I was so calm as my life was put into boxes. That's because she had done so much to make the move easy. If I had a question, she had a ready answer, and if I needed a referral, she had a person.
Moving is never going to be convenient or fun, but Christy gave me great ideas for making the transition as easy and painless as possible. I can be calm because we have this handled. Thank you." – Lynne, San Jose. 
"Christy helped me rearrange my desk to better optimize my workflow for when I work at home. Her follow up email solidified next steps for me after our appointment. Thanks for keeping me on track!” – Katherine, San Francisco
Katherine's Desk drawer

Katherine's Desk drawer